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In 2015, Gurkhas will have served in the British Army for 200 years. This is a significant achievement, which is characterised by excellence and sacrifice, is worthy of celebration. But as well as providing an opportunity for this, the 200th Anniversary will also provide a platform from which we will be able to reinforce the critical role that Gurkhas continue to play in the British Army’s Order of Battle and to raise additional support for the outstanding work done by the Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT). With this in mind, it has been agreed that the formal aim of the 200th Anniversary - which we are calling Gurkha 200, or G200 for short - should be:


“To mark 200 years of Gurkha service to the Crown in a series of activities that enhance the Brigade's reputation, both nationally and internationally, in order to contribute to the maintenance of the Brigade of Gurkhas in the Army's order of Battle and to enhance support for the GWT."

  Objectives of G200:

  • Provide an opportunity for BG personnel, both serving and retired, to celebrate 200 years of loyal service.
  • Provide high profile opportunities to attract positive media coverage in order to raise public awareness of the BG.
  • Raise awareness of the GWT, reinforcing the link between it and the serving BG, and provide a platform in order to launch a specific campaign for fund-raising.
  • Provide opportunities to host key people external to the BG in order to gain their support for the BG and the work of the GWT.


G200 Planning so far

The G200 Committee, headed up by Colonel RGR reporting to the Council of Gurkha Colonels, has coordinated a range of activities to support GWT fund raising and BG exposure. These remain provisional and will not be finally confirmed until early next year. Although the serving Brigade has finite capacity to support these events, resources are being carefully managed to achieve a balance between GWT fund raising and Brigade exposure. The most high profile events are likely to be:

  • Edinburgh Tattoo 1 – 23 Aug 14. The Brigade Pipes and Drums have been invited to take part in the Tattoo. We will use this televised event to trail our plans to celebrate the 200th Anniversary in 2015.
  • Opening of the Chautara at the NMA –  23 Sep 14. Though the newly built Chautara was dedicated on 13 Sep 13, its official opening on 23 Sep 14 will provide an ideal opportunity to launch our plans for the 200th Anniversary.  
  • Launch of G200 Book – 14 Feb 15. Written by Brig Craig Lawrence (late RGR), this book is provisionally titled “The Gurkhas: 200 years of Service and Sacrifice” and will tell the remarkable story of Britain’s Gurkhas using many previously unpublished photographs.
  • Brigade Bhela in Nepal – 31 Mar 15.  A joint event with the Indian Gurkha Brigade, this event will provide an opportunity for our pensioners in Nepal to celebrate 200 years of service. It will also allow us to forge closer links with the Indian Gurkha Brigade.
  • SIRMOOR Durbar (2GR) in Nepal - 24 to 29 Mar 15. This event is being organised by 2GR in Nepal will provide an opportunity for retired Sirmoorees to celebrate the 200th Anniversary.
  • Publication of Afghan Lahure – 1 Apr 15. Written by Brig Ian Rigden (late RGR), this book will chronicle the outstanding contribution that Gurkhas have made to Britain’s campaigns in Afghanistan. 
  • 7GR Durbar in Nepal – 28 Mar 15. This event is being organised by 7GR in Nepal will provide an opportunity for retired 7GR personnel to celebrate the 200th Anniversary.
  • G200 Mount Everest Expedition -  ' A Serving Gurkha on Saga Martha' - May 15. A team of serving Gurkhas will attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
  • Public Duties in London - 18 May to 11 Jun 15. Officers and soldiers from each serving Regiment (less the GSPS) will carry out Public Duties in London, setting the context for the ‘centre-piece’ of the Brigade’s 200th Anniversary at the Royal Hospital Chelsea (RHC).
  • G200 Gurkha Pageant (Day One) at the Royal Hospital Chelsea - 10 Jun 15. This two day musical and military extravaganza, which will include historical re-enactments, forms the ‘centre-piece’ of the Brigade’s celebrations and will be followed by drinks and tipan-tapaan. Attendance will be open to some serving and retired members of the Brigade of Gurkhas. Seat allocations for Day 1 will be confirmed by the GBA in conjunction with the GWT.

  • Presentation of the Queen’s Truncheon to HM The Queen - 11 Jun 15. The Royal Gurkha Rifles (RGR) will present the Queen’s Trucheon to HM The Queen.
  • Gurkha Memorial Service at the Gurkha Statue, Whitehall - 11 Jun 15. A Memorial Service and the unveiling of new campaign plaques will be held at the Gurkha Statue in London following the presentation of the Queen’s Truncheon. Those attending will include serving and retired members of the Brigade of Gurkhas. 
  • G200 Gurkha Pageant (Day Two) at the Royal Hospital Chelsea - 11 Jun 15. Day 2 of the ‘centre-piece’ event will be by invitation only and is aimed at generating as much support as possible for the GWT.  This will be the main public event of the G200 celebrations.
  • Brigade Bhela in UK – 8 Aug 15.  This Bhela will take place at Queen’s Avenue, Aldershot. The aim will be to encourage all GBA veterans serving in UK to come together and celebrate 200 years of Gurkha service. Details will be confirmed by the GBA but attendance will be open to all. 
A full list of provisional events can be found on the GBA website: