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'The 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War

30 years ago the First Battalion took part in a unique operation that cost over 250 British and over 750 Argentinian lives with many more injured on both sides. It is said that even more lives have been lost since 1982 caused by war related illness. The terrain in the Islands provided a perfect backdrop for all out war, and the two forces went at it without fear of too much 'collateral damage'. The losses could have been considerably more.but it is now clear that, despite the fact that the Battalion did not take a major part in the fighting, the very presence of the Gurkhas on the battlefield did have an adverse affect on the morale of the enemy. The reputation of the Gurkha soldier had gone before them so that when the Battalion's attack did go in the enemy fled. This was, of course, galling for the men who had trained so hard for this moment, but, most importantly, lives were saved.As was said at the time; ' If we can win by reputation, who wants to kill people?'.

As far as tthe Battalion was concerned the conflict lasted for 90 days, and it is right that in this year especially we remember L/Cpl Bhudaparsad Limbu who was killed at Goose Green, and all those who were injured. It is right too that members of that Battalion pause and reflect on a job well done.

What follows is a speech made at the Commanders' Dinner held at Pangbourne College on 4th April 2012 by Professor Lindley-French. It is worth reading..

David Morgan